The Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) of the Ministry of Defense (Kemhan) innovates to develop the Main Equipment Armament System (Alutsista) by cooperating with domestic industry. One of them created the Mobile Command Control Vehicle (MCCV).



The Head of the Research and Development Center (Kapuslitbang) for Defense Equipment Tools (Alpalhan) Balitbang Kemhan, Brigadier General Rosidin said ” the MCCV is a multi-functional tactical vehicle equipped with modern technology as a command and control center for military operations for war and other than war “.



This tactical vehicle can integrate all types of communication tools from the command and operations level to the soldiers (personnel) in the field, both on the battlefield and in urban areas. “As is well known, TNI units have different types of communication tools. The solution is to make a vehicle for the integration of various types of communication tools, namely MCCV as the Operations Command Center,” he said, Monday, March 1, 2021.

Rosidin said ” that previously the TNI did not have a special vehicle for a modern and easy to deploy (mobile) command and control center “. The MCCV made by the Ministry of Defense Balitbang in collaboration with BUMS is equipped with a drone that is controlled from the MCCV.

As a tactical vehicle equipped with a drone, of course, the MCCV’s ability to monitor the movements of both parties, both its own troops and the enemy in the area of ​​operation. So that Kodal an operations commander will easily and safely convey instructions, control over subordinate elements and report to superiors based on real conditions in the field.