In September 2023, a handover of several OB and News Van was occured between the TVRI and Bhinneka Dwi Persada. 

Ob and News Car manufacturing design

Ob and news van assembly according to design

Team from TVRI Learn and trainning

OB and News van

        On June 16 2021, a Test Flight Activity for the Mi-17V5 Helicopter was carried out, the activity was followed by an inspection team from Puspenerbad and the Bhinneka Dwi Persada Team which took place at squadron 31 Semarang.

In this activity, a flight test was carried out for the MI-17 No.5158 Helicopter which had been completed at Overhaul and was ready to be tested so that it could be seen whether there was damage or not from the helicopter.

video of PTTA aircraft successfully flying a distance of 35 km or flying for 3 hours without stopping and landing well