Key Features

Have the capability in system design, installation & support and meet current and future technical & commercial broadcasting requirements.
Maintain focus on quality, functionality and operational flexibility regardless of location
The Vans have a minimum of three electronic camera equipment, a minimum of three control rooms, generators and other equipment for electronic purposes.
Field preparation time is shorter compared to field equipment installed on site.
Eliminate the need of a physical broadcasting studio in every location. These vans have the same operational capability as a full equipped broadcasting studio
Equipped with an Interoperability System which allows every communication devices needed to broadcast connected to the van. 
A significant cost saver as the cost of these vans is lower than building a broadcasting studio in desired areas


  • Endurance                       :   20 hours
  • Max Speed                      :   100 km/h 
  • VIN                                   :   2022
  • Take off Roll                   :   200 m
  • Radius of Action            :   Max 12 m


  • Width                               :    2.5 meter
  • Lenght                              :    12 meter
  • height                               :    3.3 meter
  • Gross Vehicle Weight    :    16 tonnes max
  • U turn radius                   :    Max 12 meter